Seamlessly stream metrics and logs to...

Find out how much you can save when you reduce or replace your expensive SIEM solutions.

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Every integration imaginable

See everything in your stack, all in your one place. More than 150 high-fidelity technology integrations for apps, infrastructure and cloud resources—instantly connectable to your favorite monitoring tool.

Relationship-enhanced data

Find the root cause of performance issues up to 33% faster using dimensional data to understand the inter and intra relationships between different layers of your IT stack.

Built-in dashboards

Drive immediate insight with our best-practice-based KPIs and data visualizations. Share full-stack dashboards and standardize deployment automation using rich APIs.

Always-current catalog

Improve analytics accuracy over traditional plugins with access to a continually updated library of the most popular enterprise technologies. Add new endpoints or additional platforms in as few as 3 clicks.

Intelligent alerts

Troubleshoot up to 50% faster with embedded alerts that help you identify critical issues and take action immediately.

Centralized collector

Decrease initial integration and collector maintenance by up to 64%, as you eliminate multiple monitoring and logging agents. BindPlane collectors are zone-based, lightweight, managed, and fault-tolerant.

150+ Source Integrations

See all sources
Find root causes 33% faster
Expand analytics depth by 87%
Dimensional data stream

Deploy a real-time metrics stream that includes highly granular behavioral detail — beyond what a single endpoint API connection might include — as well as rich relational context.

Universal data language

Breakdown metric silos by bringing all metrics and logs to Stackdriver and streaming them to other platforms and teams.

*Access to BindPlane for Stackdriver requires no additional licensing or BindPlane consumption fees. Additional Stackdriver ingestion fees may apply.